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  • When you call Chesapeake Pro Photo, you will talk directly to the photographer, salesperson and photo editor.  We do not use an office staff or rent a store front in order to keep our costs low.
  • We don't "pay to play".  Some organizations charge outrageous fees to photographers to be included on their "preferred" vendor list.  Although Chesapeake Pro Photo was approved as a photography vendor, we "prefer" to keep our costs low and pass that savings on to you.
  • We are close to nearly all of our photo jobs on the Eastern Shore as we are centrally located. Call us today and we can shoot tomorrow.

Homes Sell Faster With Professional Photos

Homes sell up to 21 days faster when using Professional Photography verses point and shoot cameras.

It's Competitive

 Out There

Job interviews, dating and real estate listing...

It's all about first Impressions. You only have one chance to get their attention and professional photography provides the eye candy home shoppers seek.

We are Local 

About Chesapeake Pro Photo

Be "that Realtor with the great pictures".  You will be known by the photographs you use and this alone will get you more listings.

First Impressions

Homes with Professional Photos Command Higher Asking Prices

We are fast...24 hours   or less 

"Eve Fishell is a superb photographer. She has a great eye, an incredible work ethic and a passion for perfection. I will not list a property without Eve's professional involvement."
Mary M. Losty

Long and Foster Real Estate

Easton, MD


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Chesapeake Pro Photo is a local Eastern Shore of Maryland business with dedication and loyalty to our clients.  When you call us, you will talk directly to the photographer serving you.

Be "That Realtor"

"I've used Eve on nearly all my properties. Several co-workers and clients said they are very impressed with the professionalism of her photos."

Your Virtual Tour has several social media share buttons including Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest and LinkedIn... let's make your tour viral!!!

Our Mission is Simple:

#1 - Offer Great Photography

#2 - Post and Share Your Virtual Tour

We want to see your Virtual Tour on as many social media and real estate websites as possible.  Finding a buyer is easier when you use professional photography and shared, emailed and posted on social media.  


Chesapeake Pro Photo Serving the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Delaware

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Social Media will love  your Virtual Tour

Time is money.  We understand that your listing is not complete without great photographs. Our turn-around time is 24 hours or less.

Not surprisingly, listings with better photos command higher asking prices.  It's time to ask yourself if your point and shoot camera or phone camera could be hurting your sales.

Gary Marquardt
Long & Foster Real Estate

Easton, MD


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If you are using a phone or point and shoot camera, your listings are suffering. Using Chesapeake Pro Photo is your strongest tool to gain interest in your property.